Interlude: Donalgraeme’s Charts of Attraction

A picture tells a thousand words.

Well, in a prior post, commenter donalgreame mentioned that he had discerned his own attraction matrix, to wit:

I have been using my own version of List A and List B ever since I took the Red Pill. However, I think it fits better as a matrix (see what I did there?) , or maybe a table, with two columns and two lines. Instead of A I have Alpha traits, which are the attractive traits in List A. B turns into Beta traits, which encompasses the other features women like in men (stable provider, good father, etc.) With Alpha traits as a Yes/No on the left and Beta traits on top, you get four categories that men fall into.

Alpha Yes/Beta Yes: The “ideal” man. Husband material. The man women want.

Alpha Yes/Beta No: The usual definition of alpha in the ‘sphere. “Bad Boy.” The man that women will have ONS with, have as boyfriends or STRs with.

Alpha No/Beta Yes: Lets Just Be Friends. Think Beta Orbiters, or Friendzone territory. The kind of guys that women ignore until they hit the Wall, and whom they marry out of desperation. And then divorce a few years later.

Alpha No/ Beta No: Creeps. Invisible to women most of the time, and when they do show up on a woman’s radar its usually followed by a Sexual Harassment claim or a 911 call.

The problem of course is that feminism and the cult of nice has been pushing men more and more towards the Beta traits and away from the Alpha traits. The end result is that most men fall into the Alpha No/Beta Yes category. Those who resist this become bad boys, and fall into the Alpha Yes/ Beta No category.

End result naturally is that women claim that “there are no good men left” all the while they throw themselves at the Bad Boys.

I asked donalgraeme to place this scheme in a chart, and he was graceful enough to provide this to me.

Alpha-Beta Table

I think this provides a very useful and handy guide for men trying to understand female attraction vectors, and which box they may themselves fall into.

Donalgraeme offered another one as well, this time displaying

Male relationship table

the differential attraction vectors, as between men and women.

These are great charts, and behind them are great ideas.

Read and learn!


Note: Charts here are provided by donalgraeme, and any further rights to use them are reserved in their totality by donalgraeme. 



Hello again, everyone

When I decided to hang up my blogging keyboard a few years ago, it was mostly because of the time commitment.  In the interim, I have mostly commented, which has been a fairly easier thing to manage.  It’s actually been rather comfortable, to be honest.

But … there are issues afoot.  Issues that need refinement, discussion and deliberation.  I’d like to add to that process, again, in a more formal way, and so that is what this blog will be about, once it gets rolling.

Until then, pardon our dust as we clean out the cobwebs and WordPress issues.