Donald Sheehan (d. 2010) was an American poet and academic who converted to Orthodox Christianity in the mid 1980s, and who spent much of the rest of his life, in intellectual and artistic terms, applying his poetical prowess, skill and […]

The Benedict Option: Because Modernity is Acid

Transcribing a comment of mine from Rod Dreher’s excellent blog: “As you say, elements of the fundamentalist approach are vulnerable to modernity, while other elements make it more attractive to moderns – it’s both at the same time, which is […]

Escoffier on “Was Marriage 1.0 Dysgenic?”

Nova has covered the religious objections to the “Marriage 1.0 is Dysgenic” thesis, and he asked me to say a few words about what (non-corrupt) philosophy might say. The gist of the thesis seems to be another reductionist account of […]

The Struggle Is Spiritual

The Struggle Is Spiritual

As I have mentioned in certain comments on various blogs over the past year or so, I have gradually come to the conclusion that the current “struggles” we face concerning the “culture” — whether we are discussing the impact of […]

Athens and Jerusalem in Dialogue II: The Reformation and Its Wake

It’s an interesting discussion, I think.  I’ll touch first a bit on the King issue, and then on your last parallels there about the odd synchonicity of Machiavelli and the Reformation. First, about King. I think King’s substance was never really his […]

Athens and Jerusalem in Dialogue I — L’Affaire King

Recently there was something of a dust-up over the commenter Matt King at Dalrock’s blog.  This is a storm that has been brewing for some time, I think, but the recent kerfuffle provides a useful opportunity for a bit of […]