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Hello again, everyone

When I decided to hang up my blogging keyboard a few years ago, it was mostly because of the time commitment.  In the interim, I have mostly commented, which has been a fairly easier thing to manage.  It’s actually been rather comfortable, to be honest.

But … there are issues afoot.  Issues that need refinement, discussion and deliberation.  I’d like to add to that process, again, in a more formal way, and so that is what this blog will be about, once it gets rolling.

Until then, pardon our dust as we clean out the cobwebs and WordPress issues.


4 Responses

  1. Retrenched

    Glad to see you blogging again Novaseeker.

  2. deti

    Hello Nova. Outstanding that you are blogging again. I came to this scene after you had already stopped blogging and just after you deleted your old WordPress site. So I didn’t get to read them.

    I’ll make this one of my regular stops.

    Cheers, deti

  3. novaseeker

    Thanks, guys.

    I hope that this will become a good place to read and discuss these issues.

  4. Will S.

    OT: Discovered an interesting group blog of young Eastern Orthodox women, pondering dating in the 21st century, which you may also perhaps find of interest:

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