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Athens and Jerusalem in Dialogue II: The Reformation and Its Wake

It’s an interesting discussion, I think.  I’ll touch first a bit on the King issue, and then on your last parallels there about the odd synchonicity of Machiavelli and the Reformation. First, about King. I think King’s substance was never really his […]

Athens and Jerusalem in Dialogue I — L’Affaire King

Recently there was something of a dust-up over the commenter Matt King at Dalrock’s blog.  This is a storm that has been brewing for some time, I think, but the recent kerfuffle provides a useful opportunity for a bit of […]

Xenophon’s Wisdom

Reader and commenter Escoffier has offered to write an interpretation of an excerpt from Xenophon‘s Memorabilia, a 4th Century BC collection of Socratic dialogues. In this post, I am simply going to present the text itself.  Escoffier will be providing […]

Addendum on Yahoo!

Just a brief addendum to my post of a few days ago regarding Yahoo!‘s change in policy on telecommuting. As it turns out, apparently CEO Marissa Mayer based the decision on a review of VPN logins which indicated that, in […]